Extra Long Paperclip Earrings on a model for scale

The Paperclip Collection is HERE!

You’ve probably seen us tease this collection a little bit on Instagram — if you haven’t, go follow us on instagram @lizhanmetals 🖤 — we’ve posted some videos of me making the pieces and my website girl, Jerrica, test wearing the layers.

To make this collection, I use different size popsicle sticks to get the perfect elongated, thin link. Who knew something so beautiful could have such humble roots!

Liz wrapping silver wire around a popsicle stick

Paperclip chain is in the zeitgeist right now and I found myself wishing there was a less machine-made looking option. I love the way these links turned out — they’re regular in form because they are made by consistently wrapping wire around the popsicle stick, but they retain the uniqueness of being each handmade. The clasp on the necklaces and bracelets are also handmade, so when your necklace gets turned around (as it always does), it looks purposeful and continuous. In the photo below, I have some links lined up to be soldered and you can see how the links are all just slightly different - I love being able to see the evidence of craft behind a piece of jewelry:

Jerrica has been test wearing several of the pieces in this collection over the last few months and loves the paperclip chain and bracelet combination because she can wear them each separately as desired, but she has taken to linking the bracelet and the necklace end-to-end to make a 23” necklace — or, as she says, the perfect layering length! Here's a comparison of the choker and the choker + bracelet on a model:

Comparison of the paperclip 16" necklace to the 16" necklace linked with the 7" bracelet

The earrings have gotten nothing but positive feedback because they are so lightweight that even the extra long chandelier (which packs a mighty bold punch when worn) feels almost like you aren’t wearing earrings at all. My daughter, Caroline, has been loving the tiny two-link earrings for everyday wear, and I know to trust her opinion on what actually works for “everyday” because she has a toddler. My personal favorite has been the longer chain with a teardrop pendant. I love the play of the airy texture of the chain juxtaposed with the weight of the solid silver pendant. And for all my gold lovers out there - all the pieces are available in 18k gold as well!

18k gold paperclip chain necklace


I have had the best time developing this collection over the last several months and I am so excited to introduce it to you. Handmade chain is one of my true loves and a large part of why I got into metalsmithing in the first place, so I hope you love it as much as I do. The collection is available here — happy shopping 🖤

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