When you ask someone about their experience at Penland School of Craft, very often you will hear them say, “it changed my life”.

A landscape view of some of the meadows and an out building of Penland School of Crafts.

It definitely changed mine.

Wanting to learn a new skill to enhance a hobby of mine, I took a class in their metals studio to learn about steel in jewelry making. I thought that sounded kinda cool. I had no idea what I was doing. But this served as a springboard for my career as a jewelry designer. 

A photo of Liz during a metalsmithing class at Penland School of Crafts.

Since then, I have returned to Penland countless times to develop and hone my craft. I have studied under experts and makers whom I admire and the instruction I've received has pushed me as an artist in ways I never could have imagined. My work is better for it, and my artistic career has fulfilled me in a way I didn’t know possible when I took that first class. 

Supporting artists and makers is a passion of mine. In my home and my life, I try to support makers whenever I can. Most recently, I had custom barstools made by a furniture designer whose work I LOVE. And while supporting artists in this way brings me great joy, buying art isn’t enough - I want to help change lives and facilitate artistic growth within the maker community.

To do this, I have partnered with Penland School of Craft to donate 10% of my sales annually to go into their scholarship fund.

As a center for craft education, Penland has many phenomenal studios including paper, books, clay, drawing, glass, iron, wood, photography, printmaking, letterpress, textiles and metals. Each year, my scholarship will go toward a different studio. In 2021, I chose the clay studio. In 2022, I have chosen the iron studio.

If you would like to learn more about Penland or taking a class there, visit www.penland.org.