The Metaphysics of Diamonds: From Ancient Reverence to Modern Manifestation

The Metaphysics of Diamonds: From Ancient Reverence to Modern Manifestation

Diamonds have long been revered for their beauty and value. But beyond their physical properties, diamonds hold a unique place in the world of metaphysics. As one of the most durable natural substances on Earth, diamonds have come to symbolize strength, purity, and even spiritual awakening. Jerrica (my employee who handles all things digital + former geologist) runs her own jewelry business that focuses heavily on stone metaphysics and astrology, so I thought I’d let her loose on the blog to talk about diamond metaphysics, in honor of our new Diamond Collection. Without further ado…

What is metaphysics?

To kick this off, we wanted to define metaphysics for you. Metaphysics is a philosophical study of phenomena that exist outside of objective experience or material reality - so when we are talking about the metaphysics of a stone or crystal, we are really talking about the psychospiritual or energetic qualities that the stone is said to impart. When working with stones and crystals, its important to know that intention is the keystone. Using appropriate crystals on your journey as tools of mindfulness can help you get where you’re going or manifest your intentions, and in the beginning that help often feels like the visual reminder of your intention. It’s a way to hold yourself accountable, and you get to feel extra put together/pretty/awesome in the process!

So, knowing that, let’s dig into the significations of diamond as an ally in your becoming.

Diamond bangles with hammered section for texture on a model.

Diamonds: a stone of ceremony and tradition

Diamonds have held cultural and historical significance throughout human history. In ancient times, diamonds were believed to hold mystical powers and were used in various rituals. During the Middle Ages, diamonds were associated with power and wealth and were often worn by royalty and nobility to display their status. In popular western culture today, diamonds are still used as symbols of love and commitment in engagement rings and other jewelry.

 historically significant diamonds, olaff diamond and taylor-burton diamond and their famous owners

Energetic amplifiers - turn it up to eleven!

Diamond is the hardest known substance on Earth, a highly stable form of carbon. They are intense - and they bring a quality of intensity and amplification to all things. This puts a greater burden than usual on the wearer to be aware of your dominant frame of mind — for example, if you are feeling blue, diamond can amplify that, so it is up to YOU to work with diamond in a mindful way to therapeutically “burn through” any negative emotions, or to pair diamond with other appropriate stones to meaningfully shift your frame of mind. Again, intentionality is the key.

image of a diamond within a kimberlite matrix

As a stone of pure light, it stimulates and activates all the chakras, especially the crown and higher chakras. This is why diamonds have been traditionally associated with the divinity and access to the divine. The lesson of diamond is alchemizing the reality of the physical plane into pure light consciousness - something we can all use, but is of particular benefit to those working to heal others. Because they are so pure, diamonds promote Truth. As an amplifier, they are the perfect compliment if you are working with another stone energetically, to increase and enhance that stone’s power and effectiveness.

What’s purer than than being pure? LAB GROWN!

According to the Gemological Institute of America, the diamond industry has a long and complex history, with significant economic and social impacts. We discussed that more deeply in our blog about why we chose lab-grown diamonds (link link), but its important to bring up here again. Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds. As real diamonds, they have the same chemical make up and crystalline structure (and therefore frequency) of a diamond that grew within the Earth’s crust. In a way, because they are made in a lab under controlled circumstances, their purity is even more in focus and useful from an energetic perspective. I find that they arrive with less energetic “junk” that needs to be cleared away before they move on to you, the wearer.

Let us know what you think of diamond metaphysics and if you’re going to incorporate diamond into your tool kit, and feel free to ask us any questions!

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