Minimalist Jewelry: Your Guide to a Jewelry Capsule Collection That Shines

Minimalist Jewelry: Your Guide to a Jewelry Capsule Collection That Shines

Minimalist jewelry, in our humble opinion, is a non-negotiable wardrobe foundation. These are pieces that can be subbed in and out without conscious thought because they go with almost every outfit. It doesn’t matter if you are a silver girl, a gold girl, or a spicy girl that mixes metals (🙋🏼‍♀️) - minimal jewelry is the key to cohesive statements and those sophisticated outfit finishing touches that give you a little extra oomph for your day, whether you are donning athleisure to run errands, heading into work in your tried-and-true uniform, or something fancy for an event.

Some classic silhouettes to consider for your capsule collection are hoops, small studs, and chain-link necklaces and bracelets. 

Our Main Squeeze: Chain Link Jewelry Silhouettes

At LHMS, we know the power of a chunky chain look. It’s the crux of our line and the playground that Liz delights upon most. One of the best things about chain is that it can be worn alone or layered - but the layers should always take length and weight into consideration. Too much of the same layered together can look messy or over-wrought. When you vary visual weight (i.e. how heavy a chain looks, regardless of how it feels), texture, and length, you will achieve a neckmess that looks edgy and refined, purposeful and powerful all at the same time.

An image of a model wearing a layered necklace look that features a larger paperclip chain paired with a delicate chain with a lost wax pendant. This look is featured in buttery 18k gold.


Shop layerable chain necklaces: Mini Ina in Gold | Petite Oval Chain | 18" Eliza

We love a chain bracelet look as well - especially when it is the guest of honor at an arm party.

An image of a model wearing two 18k gold chunky chain bracelets, stacked together.

Shop arm party VIPs: Little Sister Bracelet | Eliza Bracelet | C Bar Bangle


The It-Girl: An Edgy Take on Hoop Earrings

A classic hoop silhouette never gets old - it looks good dressed up and dressed down. Really! You can wear hoop earrings with athleisure and it only makes each of those things look cooler than they do individually. Hoops are magic in that way…

Liz loves to turn the hoop on its head and have the shape face outward, instead of to the side. This calls the geometry of the piece forward and ensures a bold presentation.

An image of a model wearing the circle hoop earring dangling from a cast sterling silver bar.

Shop updated hoop earrings: Circle on Cast Bar | Organic Ovals

Everyday, but Make it Fashion: Stud Earrings You Can't Quit

Another minimal jewelry foundational item is a pair of simple stud earrings in your favorite metal - these are earrings that you almost never take off. The ones that go with everything.

Especially if you have more than one earring hole on each ear, a pair of simple studs end up being the wardrobe workhorse that gets no credit. We love our studs, especially Jerrica, our digital-do-it-all girl – we've talked before about how studs are a great way for moms of young children to still feel put together without attracting the urge for tiny hands to yank, and Jerrica can confirm this as a mom of a 2 year old.

An image of a model wearing the gold mini disc earrings.


Shop studs: Mini Disc in Gold and Silver | Oval #24 | Half Inch Bar Earrings


Da Vinci said, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

We love minimal jewelry - and we aren’t the only ones. Consider this quote from a 2020 Vogue article about minimal jewelry:

"These everyday pieces and designs pay close attention to the details and are what gives them their subtle yet significant difference in style. [...]minimalist jewelry brings a timeless and sophisticated approach to small, standalone statements—like a pair of contemporary tubular hoops or an oversized classic chain-link bracelet that you can wear every day. All of which doesn’t come close to boring."

Life is hard enough - simplify your morning routine by adding timeless, minimalist jewelry that you can wear with any outfit, for any occasion.


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