Trend Watch: Why You Should Make Chunky Chain Your Next Statement Jewelry Purchase

Trend Watch: Why You Should Make Chunky Chain Your Next Statement Jewelry Purchase

We hand make a lot of chain. Our signature look is chunky — sometimes we say, “chonky” 🙃 — chain. If you've read our origin story, you know Liz started designing statement jewelry pieces for herself in the beginning. She wasn’t seeing what she wanted to wear at the boutiques and shops she visited, so she decided to make it! Fast forward to 2023 and we have been sitting patiently through what feels like a decade of the “dainty jewelry” trend...

Out with the Old: Statement Chain is Here, Baby!

Instagram ads are constantly showing us barely there chains with the faintest hint of a pendant, or earrings so tiny that Liz and I often wonder if they would go straight through our ear holes…and we aren’t saying we don’t like this jewelry! We both have a few pieces that would fall into the “delicate” category, and I myself love to layer delicate pieces with chunkier ones. However, we have both been feeling so excited and refreshed to see chunkier styles gracing the pages of some of our favorite fashion mags lately.

A collage of images from recent fashion magazines showing chunky, statement chain jewelry as the hot new trend.

In fact, chunky, statement jewelry is kind of everywhere right now…from Beyonce (yes you read that correctly, Queen Bey herself) to the Spring 2023 runways, to the pages of Garden & Gun. Liz traveled recently and sent me all the amazing chunky chain ads (pictured above) that she saw in the magazines as she flew back and forth and I was so inspired, I have been wearing my gold Eliza Necklace a TON more.

Make Your Statement Jewelry YOURS

The thing I love about the Eliza (I have the bracelet and the necklace) is that I can link them together, so I really get to have three pieces of jewelry instead of just two. This means I can layer the Eliza look with anything I want!

An image collage of The Eliza necklace in 18k gold worn two ways - if you hook the braclet onto the necklace, you get a whole new long layer.

Our chunkiest statement necklaces are the Annie and the Uma - these are pieces that are such big, bold statements that they don’t honestly layer well with other necklaces like the Eliza does (read: does not play well with others). However, they make such a powerful statement on their own, they are absolutely fit for the red carpet or your next big event (or job interview, hello confidence!). 

An image of the Annie Necklace on a model showing this more petite version of our chunkiest style of handmade chain jewelry. An image of the sterling silver Uma Necklace on a model for scale. This is our largest, chunkiest look - perfect for taking your outfit up ten levels of awesome.






Shop the Looks: Annie Necklace, Uma Necklace

Still not sure about chunky chain? Check out our guide empowering you to incorporate chunky, statement jewelry into your wardrobe and feel like a badass doing it by signing up below!


An image directing the user toward our guide for how to wear chunky, statement jewelry as a tool for growth and empowerment.




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